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Collaborate for Educational Excellence

Welcome to Tejas Eduskills, a leader in work-integrated learning and educational innovation. We facilitate partnerships between educational institutions and industry stakeholders to deliver high-quality, industry-relevant programs that prepare students for success in the modern workforce.

Our Mission

At Tejas Eduskills, our mission is clear

Transform traditional education paradigms by integrating practical work experience seamlessly into academic curriculum. We believe that experiential learning is the key to preparing students for the demands of the modern workplace, and our programs are meticulously crafted to deliver tangible results. By forging strong partnerships with industry leaders, we ensure that our curriculum remains relevant, up-to-date, and aligned with emerging trends and technologies.

Our Programs

Educational Programs We Offered

Industry-Relevant Curriculum

Our programs are developed in collaboration with industry experts to ensure that students acquire the skills and knowledge most in demand by employers.

Hands-On Experience

Through internships, projects, and apprenticeships, students gain practical experience and build a strong foundation for their future careers.

Placement Assistance

We provide comprehensive placement support to our students, connecting them with top employers and facilitating career opportunities across diverse sectors.

Flexible Delivery Models

Whether it's onsite, online, or hybrid delivery,
we offer flexible learning options to accommodate the needs of both students and industry partners.

Continuous Support

Our dedicated team of educators and industry mentors are committed to guiding students every step of the way, ensuring their success both academically and professionally.

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BBA in Hotel Management
Prepare for a dynamic career in the hospitality industry with our comprehensive BBA program. Gain hands-on experience in hotel operations, guest relations, event management, and more, while developing essential leadership and managerial skills.
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BBA in Logistics & Supply Chain Management
Dive into the world of logistics and supply chain management with our specialized BBA program. Learn to streamline operations, optimize distribution networks, and navigate global supply chains through practical, industry-focused coursework.
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BBA in Retail
Explore the fast-paced world of retail management with our tailored BBA program. From merchandising and inventory management to consumer behavior analysis and retail strategy, acquire the expertise needed to excel in this dynamic field.
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B. Voc in Manufacturing Technology
Master the intricacies of production technology with our hands-on B.Sc program. Develop a deep understanding of manufacturing processes, quality control, automation, and innovation, and prepare for a rewarding career in production management.
MBA in Digital Marketing
Stay ahead of the curve in the digital age with our specialized MBA program. Learn advanced marketing strategies, digital analytics, social media management, and e-commerce optimization, and become a proficient digital marketing strategist.
MBA in Analytics & Data Science
Harness the power of data with our cutting-edge MBA program in analytics and data science. Dive into predictive modeling, machine learning, data visualization, and business intelligence, and unlock valuable insights to drive informed decision-making.

Why Partner with Us?

Strategic Partnerships for Growth

Partnering with Tejas Eduskills fosters strategic alliances between academia and industry, creating opportunities for collaborative research, innovation, and knowledge exchange. By engaging in mutually beneficial partnerships, businesses can gain access to cutting-edge research, emerging technologies, and industry best practices, driving continuous improvement and sustainable growth

High Return on Investment

Investing in Work-Integrated Learning programs offers long-term benefits for businesses, including a steady pipeline of skilled talent, improved employee engagement and loyalty, and enhanced competitiveness in the marketplace. By nurturing relationships with future professionals early in their careers, partners can secure a sustainable source of skilled labor while mitigating the risks associated with talent shortages and turnover.

Enhanced profitability through Cost-Effective Talent Acquisition

 Partnering with Tejas Eduskills provides access to a pool of skilled graduates who have undergone rigorous training and hands-on experience. By tapping into this talent pool, businesses can reduce recruitment costs associated with sourcing, screening, and training new employees, ultimately leading to significant savings in hiring expenses.

Customized Training Solutions

We work closely with industry partners to tailor our curriculum to specific business needs and requirements. This customization ensures that graduates are well-prepared to address the challenges and opportunities unique to the partner organization, resulting in higher levels of job satisfaction, employee retention, and overall performance.

Access to Government Incentives

Collaborating with Tejas Eduskills may make businesses eligible for various government incentives and funding opportunities aimed at promoting workforce development and skill enhancement. These incentives can include tax breaks, grants, subsidies, or other financial support mechanisms, further reducing the overall cost of participation and providing additional savings for partners.


Tejas Eduskills is committed to expanding its impact and reach through strategic partnerships with like-minded institutions, organizations, and industry stakeholders.

If you are interested in partnering with Tejas Eduskills, please submit the form or request for proposal outlining your organization’s goals, areas of expertise, and proposed collaboration model.

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